In order to increase reliability of PCBAs, it has shown that this is vital to clean pcba to eliminate all traces of fluxes, greases and other contaminants.

ABchimie developed a range of cleaning solvents and detergents that meet international military cleanliness standards (1.54mg NaCl / cm2) and are compatible with the majority of plastics on your electronic boards. The elimination of contaminations will ensure the durability of your sub-assemblies and will guarantee in the case of varnishing operation, the good adhesion of your varnishes. The cleaning of electronic boards after welding is imperative when it is desired to ensure the longevity and reliable reliability of the electronic subassemblies.

Why clean PCBA?

  • Eliminate all ionic contaminant
  • Increase adhesion in case of conformal coating application
  • Eliminate solder micro balls
  • Reliability of assemblies

 Why clean screens?

  • Reliability of your solder paste deposit
  • Accuracy of deposit
  • Clean misprinting

Aqueous base or solvent base?

Your choice depends of:

  • Substrat to clean
  • Type of contamination
  • Equipment
  • Volume to clean
  • Environmental policy
  • Speed process needed

Our application engineer can help you decide, don’t hesitate to joining us. They will help you to make a better choice for your application.

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