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Webin’AB 2021 – Coating bubbles trouble shooting – ENG

19 janvier -15 h 00 min-15 h 45 min

The WebinAB will be focused on technical solutions to resolve conformal coating faults.

In order to stay in touch with our customers and especially to develop their knowledge about conformal coatings and silicones, we decided to launch ABchimie Webinar.

These Webin’ABs are SHORT presentations on a technical topic. A way to find out everything in less than an hour. ” save the date: Tuesday, 19th January, 2021 at 15:00 – 15:45am CET – in English language  to learn more about the bubble issue ”.

The principle: short and precise presentations + a question / answer session. To register, please Click here.


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Date :
19 janvier
Heure :
15 h 00 min-15 h 45 min
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