SIL500 is a 1-part silicon conformal coating with good adhesion on many substrates. This transparent elastomer has a low viscosity and can be applied in high thickness deposit (100μm to few mm). Fast curing at room temperature and without VOC. It can be applied by brushing or spraying.

SIL500 protects your PCBs, especially against humidity and environmental contaminants.



SIL250 can be sprayed or brushed. The thickness of the coating depends on the method of application.

SIL250 contains a UV trace which allows inspection of the PCB after coating to ensure complete and even coverage. The stonger the reflected light, the thicker the coating layer is.

Dispensing machine and spraying

SIL250 can be applied with a jetter.

SIL250 is suitable both for use in manual spray guns and computer controlled airless spray equipment that only coats the required areas of the PCB, eliminating the need for masking. The nozzle of the spray gun requires to be selected to give an even spray to suit the prevailing viscosity of the coating material.

To ensure penetration of the coating beneath the components and in confined spaces, spray the assembly from all directions to give an even coating.


Ensure that the coating material has been agitated thoroughly and has been allowed to settle for at least two hours. The coating should be kept at ambient temperature. Gently apply the coating with a good quality brush (silk) to avoid leaving brush marks and not to disturb the components and wiring.


Ensure that the coating material in the container has been agitated thoroughly and has been allowed to stand for at least 2 hours for all the air bubbles to disperse.

The board assemblies should be immersed in the SIL250 dipping tank in the vertical position, or at an angle as close to the vertical as possible. Connectors should not be immersed in the liquid unless they are very carefully masked. ABchimie Peelable Coating Mask (LDM) is ideal for this application.

Leave submerged for about 1 minute until the air bubbles have dispersed. The board or boards should then be withdrawn VERY SLOWLY (5 to 20 cm/mn) so that an even film covers the surface. After withdrawing, the boards should be left to drain over the tank until the majority of residual coating has left the surface.

After the draining operation is complete, the boards should be placed in an air- circulating drying cabinet and left to dry.



  • Monocomponent conformal coating
  • Fast curing at room temperature
  • Low viscosity,
  • Protection against humid and thermal environments
  • Excellent adhesion on many substrates (PCB, plastics,…)
  • Fluorescent
  • Cured until 5mm-thickness
  • Application by dispensing machine, spraying, brushing
SIL250 is compliance with REACH and RoHS regulations. If you want a certificate, please contact us




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