ABchimie 100K-UV LED

ABchimie100K-UV | ABchimie100K-UV LED is a soft one component resin, UV curable which have a good adhesion on many substrates. It can be applied in high thickness deposit (5 mm). Its curing is immediate with UV radiation. ABchimie100K-UV gives local protection for your components, especially against humidity, dust and high electric pressure. It also can be applied to bring robustness to your systems.

ABchimie100K-UV LED is compliance with REACH and RoHS regulations. If you want a certificate, please contact us



  • By syringue
  • By selective deposit machine

Available in different versions:

  • ABchimie 100K-UV, UV resin
  • ABchimie 100K-UV LED, LED resin

Available packaging:

  • Syringe —–  30G |  Bulk of 1kg, 5kg and 20kg

Cleaner (for uncured material)

  • Bulk 5 Litres —— SND 05 L | DNS 05 L


  • Soft resin
  • Protection against humid and thermal environments
  • Excellent adhesion on many substrates (PCB, plastics,…)
  • Curing until 5mm-thickness
  • VOC free
  • Very fast curing under UV LED exposure
  • Speed of process, increase of rapidity



ABchimie100K-UV LED cures with UV LED technology.

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UV LED Curing:

It is important to use the appropriate LED equipment, as well as the recommended settings for the best properties of the resin ABchimie42K-UV LED